Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Share #2

Well, it's now after our second week of produce from our CSA, and I think we did a little better--the only thing that went bad before we used it was some kale. In addition to the kale, we got two cucumbers, a buttercup squash, tomatoes, bok choi, Thai (I think) chili peppers, and some yard long beans. I'm a bad blogger, so I forgot to take pictures of everything we got before I used it, but here are the ones I did shoot.

These are some quickly-pickled cucumbers in cider vinegar, with one of those hot chilis sliced up in it. It was SPICY.

The yard long beans. I cut these up into one inch pieces and stir-fried them with some marinated pork. Quite tasty.

Cherry tomatoes sliced and tossed with salt, pepper, and some olive oil.

And finally, the buttercup squash, roasted and then mashed with butter and salt. We want another one!

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  1. One tiny bite of those cucumbers tasted like eating a whole bag of salt and vinager chips... Plus spicy. I'm glad you like them because i think they are totally gross. Everything else was delicious!!